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Allstar Takes Young Bradford Musicians to BFI to Celebrate Capital of Culture

A group of young musicians and DJs from Bradford have had the opportunity to visit some of London's most iconic cultural institutions, thanks to a trip organized in partnership with Allstar and BD2025.

The trip was organized to celebrate one year since Bradford was announced as the UK's City of Culture 2025 and gave young people an opportunity to perform at the event hosted at the British Film Institute.

The group also visited The National Poetry Library a whole building dedicated to the study and the art of poetry.

The day has been perfect so far, especially going to the National Poetry Libarary as I'm a rapper and poet. It's taken me out of my comfort zone.

The young people involved in the Representing Bradford Youth Music project performed some of their own music and also took part in entertaining the crowd at the event with a series of DJ Sets. The trip was a great opportunity for young people to learn about different cultures and arts. They were inspired by the creativity and diversity of London, and they are excited to bring what they learned back to Bradford.

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