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Healthy Minds summit 2024

The Healthy Minds Summit 2024 buzzed with energy and hope! This wasn't just another conference; it was a gathering of people who share a vital mission: supporting mental health in Bradford and Craven.

From community groups to NHS professionals, council members to volunteers, the summit brought together a diverse crowd all aiming for the same thing – making our communities better. And there was no better example of this dedication than the Healthy Minds apprentices themselves.

These inspiring young people took the stage to share their work with children and young people across Bradford. They spoke with passion and insight about the challenges young people face and the strategies they're using to help. It was a powerful reminder that the future of mental health support is in good hands.

But the summit wasn't just about celebrating achievements. It was also about looking ahead. Discussions focused on how to best implement the Healthy Minds strategy, ensuring that everyone in Bradford and Craven has access to the support they need.

Seeing all the organizations, services, and people involved coming together was truly inspiring.

It gave a real sense of momentum, a feeling that positive change is happening – and it's happening because of everyone's commitment to building a healthier, happier Bradford and Craven.

For more information on Healthy Minds please visit.

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