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Celebrating Young Stars: A Look Back at the Skills House CTE Awards 2024

The SkillsHouse Careers & Technical Education (CTE) Awards 2024 were a resounding success, celebrating the achievements of young people in our district! This inspiring event, held on Tuesday 26th June, brought together nominees, educators, businesses, and supporters for a day of recognition and celebration.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as attendees gathered to hear inspiring stories of growth and accomplishment.We were especially proud to have two Allstar team members, Femi and Lauren, nominated for awards.Femi also took to the stage and delivered a captivating performance, adding an unforgettable touch to the event!

Congratulations to all the nominees at the SkillsHouse CTE Awards! 

You're an inspiration, and your achievements showcase the incredible potential of young people in our district. 

Femi and Lauren both won awards at the event. Massive congratulations to both of them from the Allstar team.

The 2024 Awards were a day of celebrating the future and the incredible work being done to equip young people with the skills and confidence they need to thrive.

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