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Allstar NCS Programme. Empowering Youth and Embracing Diversity

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Allstar are delighted to be involved in a new NCS Programme. The opportunity is open to Year 11 students with additional needs, including SEND and social and emotional needs, to participate in the National Citizen Service (NCS) program.

The programme will give young people the chance make new friends, gain new skills, make a difference in the world or be an inspiring entrepreneur within our NCS experiences. Young people can embark on this exciting new adventure where they can make new friends, build confidence and develop and strengthen your skills for work and life.

What is NCS?

NCS is a government-backed program that offers a transformative journey for young people aged 15-17, including those with additional needs. Our new and exciting program consists of three key phases:

  1. We’re Being Well:

Get together and make new friends, have fun whilst developing essential life and employability skills.

2. We’re Being Heard:

This is your opportunity to ensure young peoples voices are heard, valued and appreciated.

3: We’re All stars:

Time to look to the future and learn more specialist skills, get a taste of different careers, take part in social action and celebrate your achievement with your peers.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced social skills and teamwork abilities

  • Increased self-confidence and resilience

  • Opportunities to make a meaningful impact on their community

  • Personal growth and lasting friendships

  • A valuable addition to their personal and academic journeys

To find out more about the programme or to sign up please visit:

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