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KCU Success: Empowering Bradford's Youth Against Bullying!

This year, the Healthy Minds Apprentice team delivered the KCU anti-bullying program to an impressive 3,400 children and young people across Bradford! Their dedication to creating a kinder and more inclusive environment for students deserves a round of applause.

Positive Impact on Young Minds:

The program's impact is evident in the feedback received from students themselves. Year 6 pupils highlighted learning valuable lessons about resilience and kindness, skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. The engaging music videos featuring relatable stories resonated with younger students, helping them understand different perspectives.Teachers also praised KCU's alignment with PHSE curriculum and its relevance to protected characteristics, particularly important issues within Bradford.

Innovation and Expansion:

The team didn't stop there! They piloted the program at CO-OP Academy Southfield SEND provision and Bradford College, demonstrating KCU's effectiveness for a wider range of learners. Additionally, they invested significant time revamping all workshop materials, co-producing three new music videos, and refreshing the classic KCU tune.

A Big Thank You!

KCU caters to students aged 4-18, encompassing primary and secondary education, college years, and SEND programs.This incredible achievement reflects the amazing work and dedication of Ellie, Sadaf, Hollie, Ella, and their coordinator Isha. 

Thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of Bradford's youth!

‘KCU taught us to be resilient and not get wrapped up in the little things with people'

YR6 Pupil


'We learnt about transitions and being Kind in KCU - the workshops and information will be helpful to us as we get older'

YR6 Pupil

'I like the music videos with stories - talking about the stories helped us to understand other types of people'

YR4 Pupil


'Relevant and on point with PHSE; KCU and Protected Characteristics are particularly relevant in our area.'

YR6 Teacher

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