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Our Creativity strand aims to inspire everyone to unlock their creative potential. We deliver programmes and projects that use music, media, arts and crafts. We believe creativity can be a real catalyst for change and positive self-expression.


We offer a broad range of workshops and programmes that inspire creative expression that is not just limited to music and celebrate the transformative power of creativity for individuals and communities.

DJ adjusting equipments

DJ Technology

Our DJ Technology workshops and courses are designed to teach students all the skills needed to master the art of djing. During our sessions we use all the current DJ technology and music available; and can teach using vinyl, CD and digital platforms, using laptops and USB controllers.

This covers all areas, and keeps the sessions fun and creative.

DJ adjusting equipments
Music Equipment

Music Production

Music Production workshops and courses give the students all the skills needed to produce and make their own songs and understand the process of how music is made. The sessions can be taught at a basic or very advanced level depending on the ability and knowledge of the students. Vocal recording and sound manipulation are also taught during these sessions.

DJ adjusting equipments
Music Performer

Event Management

Events Management courses will teach the students all the skills required to organise and run their own events. During the course, the students will learn the importance of working as a team and to deadlines. They will also learn how to devise a business plan and many transferable skills related to marketing, promotion and business, working towards the outcome of launching their own event.

DJ adjusting equipments
Music Producers

Working in Creative Industries

These workshops are tailor-made for students who wish to pursue a potential career in the creative industries. All our staff have extensive knowledge of the industry and can give professional advice on career paths. Students who have natural talents and show a good level of overall commitment during our courses may be asked to produce demos of their work, to be passed on to various contacts.

Art Class

Arts and Crafts

We use creative art sessions as an expressive outlet for young people's social and emotional well-being. We aspire to support and encourage young people to learn,

develop and explore art using a variety of mediums within a school or community setting.

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