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Our motivation is to provide the resources, skills and knowledge to build and kick-start a career whether it’s in the creative industries or the mental health and wellbeing sector. We focus on a number of ways to help young people to achieve their potential through a wide range of programmes and opportunities:



This successful apprenticeship programme is now in its third year of delivery; every 12-15 months we recruit 6-8 apprentices from Bradford district and Craven to be the voice and advocate for children and young people, to promote youth voice, helping to change and shape services, coproducing, codesigning, attending sectoral meetings with leadership teams and delivering peer support workshops and programmes across the health and wellbeing sector. This apprenticeship offers an excellent opportunity to any young person looking to kick-start their career within the health and wellbeing sector, gaining crucial on-the-job experience, sector-specific training and qualification opportunities.


For more information on our apprenticeships, please follow the link:

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Project Workers 

The project worker roles are split into two areas of expertise - health and wellbeing project workers and creative arts project workers.


Our health and wellbeing project worker position often acts as a natural progression for our apprentices to further their development and career progression with All Star for 12 months and beyond. Our health sector project workers have the opportunity to carry on their apprentice progression with responsibilities at a higher strategic and delivery level, leading our youth and community projects and programmes, including detached youth work, conducting placements, level 3+ training and acting as mentors and role models to our newly appointed apprentice team.


Our creative arts project workers are recruited from the vast array of youth and community groups that we engage in creative arts. We offer opportunities to all our 16+ participants who engage in our youth music (arts council) programmes, offering traineeships to develop their skills and abilities as leaders to inspire other young people through the arts; music and crafts.


Our project worker roles don’t just stop there, we welcome anyone and everyone with lived or applied experience within the creative arts and health and wellbeing sector to come forward and join in with our sessions, workshops and programmes, for more information please email


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are so proud of the dedicated and talented team of apprentices that we have here at Allstar. Each one of our apprentices brings their own life experiences and uses these to promote understanding and help to create further pathways for young people in our area. Our apprentices are not only able to put their learning into practice but are also learning and developing important work-related skills such as leadership, communication and analytical thinking. They are building relationships and networking across a number of different services and organisations.

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