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We work in partnership with a range of organisations and services across the voluntary, health and education sector to ensure young people gain valuable life-changing experiences and are actively involved in project management and service design - by young people, for young people. 

We believe young people shouldn't just be the beneficiaries of projects, they should be part of the whole process! We listen closely to their interests and needs, working alongside them to design, deliver, and even evaluate the programs. This "youth voice" is vital to us. Whether it's collaborating with our music youth leaders on creative programs or empowering Healthy Minds apprentices to share young people's perspectives on health and wellbeing, we ensure their voices are heard and amplified. And that includes the airwaves! Allstar Youth Radio is a shining example, giving young people aged 13-25 a platform to express their opinions and views across Bradford and Leeds. This way, we can develop projects that truly resonate with young people and address the issues that matter most to them.

Youth Lead Projects

Young Voices Leading the Charge: KCU Fights for Kindness!

The award-winning Kindness, Compassion and Understanding (KCU) campaign is a youth-driven project against bullying, inequality, and prejudice. Led by the Healthy Minds Apprentices, this exciting project empowers young people to be the change they want to see in their communities.

Amplifying Youth Voice: Building a More Inclusive World

KCU isn't just about raising awareness; it's about giving young people the tools to create a kinder, more equitable world. The Healthy Minds Apprentices, a group of passionate young leaders, are the driving force behind the project. They develop workshops, lead discussions, and inspire their peers to embrace empathy, inclusion, and respect.

Workshops Built for Young Minds: Engaging, Inclusive, and Empowering

Since February 2021, KCU workshops have reached over 12,000 students across Bradford and Craven. These interactive sessions cater to all learning styles, using music, media, activities, and open discussions to explore the core values of KCU. From primary schools to colleges and youth groups, KCU empowers young people of all ages to become champions of change.

Building a Better Future Together: What We Learn in KCU Workshops

Here's a glimpse into the powerful lessons young minds explore in KCU workshops:

  • The Power of Kindness: Develop empathy, patience, and respect to build strong connections with peers.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Learn to identify and manage emotions to make positive choices.

  • Resilience in Action: Develop coping mechanisms to overcome challenges and build self-esteem.

  • Understanding Equality: Explore the importance of inclusivity and celebrate diversity.

  • Standing Up for What's Right: Learn about protected characteristics and how to challenge discrimination.

By equipping young people with the knowledge and confidence to promote kindness and understanding, the KCU campaign is building a brighter future for everyone.

Building the Future of Music: How Allstar Works with our Young Leaders


At Allstar, we believe young people are the heart of our creative energy. That's why we partnered with them to design a leadership programme that empowers them to not only excel in music production and performance, but also shape the future of Allstar in Bradford and Craven.

Young Leaders: Shaping Our Programmes

Our Youth Leaders are more than just participants; they're co-creators. They work alongside our team to design and deliver workshops, drawing on their own experiences and musical tastes. This not only equips them with valuable leadership skills, but also ensures our programmes resonate with young people across the district.

Developing Skills, Shaping Allstar

Our programme goes beyond performance. Young Leaders gain new skills in areas like communication, project management, and mentorship. These not only contribute to their personal development but also allow them to influence Allstar's creative direction. They have a say in what we offer, ensuring it's inclusive and responds to the evolving needs of young musicians.

Amplifying Young Voices: The Youth Board

Our dedicated Youth Board takes this a step further. They brainstorm project ideas, ensuring our programmes are fresh and exciting. They also play a vital role in keeping our creative standards inclusive. By providing valuable feedback, they help us develop offerings that truly represent the diverse young voices of Bradford and Craven.

Representing Bradford: A Legacy of Youth Leadership

The impact of our Youth Leaders extends far beyond Allstar. They played a key role in creating the "Representing Bradford" resource – a collection of creative ideas and suggestions that actively contributed to the success of the BD2025 Capital of Culture bid. This is a testament to the power and potential we see in our young leaders.

Allstar Youth Radio: Your Voice, Your Choice!


Allstar Youth Radio is more than just a radio station – it's a platform built by young people, for young people. We believe that your voice matters, and we're here to help you amplify it.


Made By You, For You


Our shows are hosted, produced, and created entirely by young people aged 13-25. We take your passions seriously, so whether you're into music, current events, or niche hobbies, you'll find a space to share your unique perspective.


Content Created by You, Guided by You:


We don't just give you a mic – we empower you to shape the station's identity. Young people at Allstar Youth Radio have developed core content principles that guide our programming. These principles ensure that the issues and subjects you care about are front and center.


Gain Skills, Make a Difference:


Being a part of Allstar Youth Radio isn't just about being heard – it's about developing valuable skills. You'll gain experience in interviewing, communication, and building confidence, all while shaping the content that reaches your community.

Allstar Collaborated With West York Care Parntership to Celebrate Neurodiversity 


Allstar partnered with the West York Care Partnership to create a music awareness campaign about neurodiversity. This exciting project involved young people directly in the creation of a new music track, "Every Mind Is Different," alongside a captivating music video.

The collaboration aimed to shine a light on neurodiversity, a term that encompasses a wide range of variations in human brain function, including dyslexia, ADHD, and autism.

Young people played a central role in the project, contributing their energy and creativity to the writing, producing, and performing of the track. They were also featured prominently in the music video, bringing their perspectives and experiences to life.

The music video and track were released to coincide with World Autism Day, adding to the global conversation about celebrating neurodiversity in children, young people, and adults.

Co-Production Blog Posts.


Young people lead the way!

Meet the All Star Project Workers  who are actively involved in co-design and co-production projects across the Bradford and Craven district. 


We're proud to have worked alongside the following organizations and services. 

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