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Allstar Digital Badges to Recognize Youth Engagement

Digital badges are like digital certificates, but with added benefits. They are verifiable proof of an award, accomplishment, or acquired skill, earned across various settings. Individuals can use these badges to showcase their competencies and stand out from the crowd.

The new Allstar badges aim to acknowledge and celebrate the commitment and achievements of young people participating in various Allstar projects.

Four badges are currently available, each highlighting specific program involvement:

Representing Bradford Youth Music Project Badge: 

  • This badge recognises participation in the R-BFD music project, where young people utilize music as a creative tool for self-expression and learn valuable music production and performance skills.

KCU Project Badge: 

  • This badge acknowledges participation in the award-winning KCU (Kindness, Compassion, and Understanding) anti-bullying project and campaign. By earning this badge, young people demonstrate their commitment to promoting kindness and understanding within their communities.

Allstar NCS Badge: 

  • This badge signifies participation in the Allstar NCS project, which equips young people with essential life skills and fosters their involvement in community-based social action projects.

Allstar Youth Radio Badge: 

  • This badge recognises young people actively engaged in the Allstar Youth Radio project. Here, participants create compelling media content, conduct interviews, and learn to utilise broadcast tools effectively, allowing them to develop their communication and media production skills.

These badges serve as valuable tokens of recognition, highlighting the dedication, acquired skills, and positive contributions of young people involved in Allstar projects. They can be added to online C.V's or shared on social media platforms, showcasing valuable experiences and achievements.

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