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Allstar NCS Levels Up: Celebrating Growth with Digital Badges

The Allstar NCS programme has always been about empowering young people to develop valuable skills and become catalysts for positive change. This year, the programme is taking recognition to a whole new level with the introduction of digital badges. These digital certificates celebrate the incredible achievements and growth participants demonstrate throughout their Allstar NCS journey.

Let's explore how these digital badges shine a light on the impressive development of Allstar NCS participants:

  • Life and Employability Champions: Badges are issued to recognise exceptional teamwork displayed during a group challenge or strong communication skills showcased during a presentation. 

  • Diversity and Inclusion Advocates: Badges celebrate participants who demonstrate a deep understanding of diverse perspectives. 

  • Agents of Positive Change in Action: Badges are awarded to participants who not only share impactful ideas but also translate them into action. 

  • Inspiring Communicators Through Creativity: Badges acknowledge participants who effectively use creative tools like music or media to convey their message. 

Digital badges offer several advantages that go beyond mere recognition:

  • Visible Accomplishments: Badges provide a tangible record of a participant's achievements, which can be showcased on online profiles or C.V's.

  • Personalised Recognition: Badges can be tailored to recognise specific skills and contributions, making the recognition even more meaningful for each participant. 

  • Motivation and Engagement Booster: The prospect of earning badges can keep participants motivated, encouraging them to actively participate. 

  Currently 14 young people have successfully completed their Allstar NCS Digital badges.

Congratulations to them all.

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