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Dive into Serenity with Allstar, Bradford Museums, and the Healthy Minds Apprentices!

Calling all calm-seekers and curious minds! On Saturday, January 13th, Allstar and Bradford Council Museums and Galleries, in partnership with the amazing Healthy Minds Apprentices, invite you to a sensory-inspired afternoon of pure Zen. ✨

Get ready to explore your senses in a kaleidoscope of activities. From the squishy fun of slime-making to the tantalizing mystery of taste and smell guessing games, we promise, it's all utterly delightful! Drop in anytime between 1 and 3 PM – it's completely FREE!

While you're here, wander through the mesmerizing Calm Gallery and share your thoughts on the captivating exhibition. Remember, these activities are geared towards young people, but everyone is welcome to join the good vibes.

And who are these fantastic Healthy Minds Apprentices, you ask? They're a dedicated group of young folks passionate about fostering mental health and well-being in their peers. Their energy and positivity are contagious, so brace yourself for a truly uplifting experience!

So, ditch the January blues and step into a world of sensory delights, calming creativity, and friendly faces. We'll see you at the Allstar and Bradford Museums on Saturday for an afternoon you won't forget!

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