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Mic Check, Shipley! Allstar Youth Radio Takes Over the Airwaves

Earlier this year, Shipley College hosted a series of exciting Allstar Youth Radio taster sessions. Geared towards introducing students to the magical world of radio production, these sessions were a whirlwind of creativity and hands-on learning. From tinkering with audio equipment to crafting compelling narratives, students got a taste of everything it takes to bring a radio show to life.

And guess what? Those taster sessions sparked a flame! A dedicated group of Shipley students, ignited by their newfound radio passion, formed their own official radio team. These dynamic young broadcasters have been on a mission ever since, honing their skills and taking the airwaves by storm.

Communication skills? On point! Interview techniques? Nailed it! Teamwork? They could write a manual on it! The Shipley College Radio Team has tackled a diverse range of topics, from the crucial message of Anti-Bullying Week to their own personal interests and hobbies. They've even dived into the world of politics, producing thought-provoking speech-based programs about engaging young people in the democratic process.

But their dedication didn't go unnoticed. The Shipley team's stellar content earned them a coveted spot on "The Shine Time Show," showcasing their talents to a wider audience. And if that wasn't enough, they now host their very own show – broadcasted every Saturday at noon! That's right, Shipley College has its own radio show, powered by the passion and talent of its very own students.

So, Shipley students, are you ready to tune in? Whether you're a budding broadcaster, a curious listener, or simply someone who enjoys the infectious energy of young people taking on the world, be sure to catch the Shipley College Radio Show on Saturdays at noon. Prepare to be entertained, informed, and inspired by these remarkable young voices taking over the airwaves.

This is just the beginning of their radio journey, and we can't wait to see what they achieve next!

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