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Online Harms Update

So far, All Star have delivered Online Harms workshops to 203/596 pupils at Appleton Academy Bradford, the programme runs until June and we estimate that classroom workshop delivery will be completed by late April, ready for Phase Two.

A quick reminder about this project, commissioned by West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit and West Yorkshire Lord Mayor Tracey Brabin, the Online Harms programme is a collaboration with All Star (Workshop Delivery), Step 2 (Counselling and Focus Groups) and Rocket Science (Data and Research) to raise awareness of Online Harms, the problems, dangers and consequences young people face;  the overall outcome of this programme is to educate, support and empower young people to make better life choices when using the internet, software and applications online.

The in interactive classroom-based workshops have been received well by pupils and teachers; As part of this programme we are gathering pupil and teacher feedback, this week, we asked a YR 10 Teacher at the school, What, if anything, do you think the pupils might do differently because of the workshop? They response, ‘

Have a better awareness of online dangers, and apply safer habits. It’s the most I’ve seen this group engaged in PHSE lessons.’

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