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Paradise Found: Allstar Youth Radio's New Show Takes You There

Calling all music lovers and community champions! Allstar Youth Radio has a brand new show that blends the perfect mix of tunes and teamwork – Paradise Playlist!

This exciting program gives members of the Allstar crew the chance to curate their own personal soundtrack to paradise. Each week, a different team member gets to select six songs that would define their ideal utopia. From upbeat anthems to soulful ballads, Paradise Playlist offers a glimpse into the minds and musical tastes of the talented Allstar team.

We've already had some fantastic guests on the show. George, for example, joined us to talk about the impactful Be Safe project. He shed light on the thought-provoking and engaging workshops he and his team deliver within primary schools across the district.Ella and Hollie, from the Healthy Minds apprenticeship team, have also graced the Paradise Playlist airwaves. They used the opportunity to discuss the vital work they're involved in, promoting mental health awareness and well-being.

So, if you're looking to discover new music, learn more about the amazing projects happening in your community, and get to know the Allstar Youth Radio team a little better, then tune in to Paradise Playlist! You can catch it live every Wednesday afternoon.Get ready to expand your playlist and celebrate the inspiring efforts of the Allstar crew. Paradise awaits!

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