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Stay Safe and Empowered Online: A New Program for Young People in West Yorkshire.

Staying safe online is crucial, especially for young people navigating the ever-evolving digital world. This February, a new program has launched in West Yorkshire to help secondary school students become aware of online dangers and empower them to protect themselves.

The program is delivered in partnership with The West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Partnership, Rocket Science, and Step 2. 

The pilot programme will start in Bradford and include:

Interactive Workshops covering:

  • How to deal with online problems

  • Recognizing online harms and dangers

  • Protecting themselves from negative content

  • Staying safe while engaging online

1-2-1 and Group Support:

  • Building and maintaining healthy online relationships

  • Managing their emotional well-being and self-esteem

  • Staying safe online

  • Avoiding the risks of online gambling

This pilot program aims to equip young people in West Yorkshire with the knowledge and skills to navigate the online world confidently and responsibly.

Everyone plays a role in creating a safer online environment for young people.

Let's work together to empower them to thrive online!

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