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'Your Story' in partnership with Barnardo's and All Star

We are pleased to announce the official 57 minute full feature version of 'Your Story', the SEN, Autism and Neurodiversity documentary in partnership with Barnardo's and All Star is now available to watch online.

Filmed and edited over a three month period (late 2023), ‘Your Story’ is a unique storytelling experience documenting the life, times, experiences and journey of parents, carers and young people with lived experience of SEN, Autism and Neurodiversity living in the Bradford district and surrounding areas; covering the following topics: Life at Home, Early Years, Three Young Women, Parent Journey and Life at Work.

Thank you to all those that took part, without your bravery this documentary would not have been possible.

Please note: 

This documentary contains sensitive and emotional content, and is a true representation of the participants views and experiences, which are respectfully their own. Open, honest and genuine.

Terminology used at the advice of parents and carers, and SEN arena professionals.

Produced and directed by Michael Davis (All Star)

Filmed and Edited by Twenty Twenty Films, Bradford

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