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"Your Story" Premier Screening

YOUR STORY is a five part, short documentary series detailing the stories and experiences of local parents, careers and families with children and young people aged 3-21 years old with living experience of Autism, Neurodiversity and SEN.

Topics and themes included in the films are:

Life at Home

Life at Work

Parent and Carer Journey

Early Years and A young person’s journey.

Production of the films have been taking place over throughout this year and we are delighted to be hosting a Premier screening of the documentary.

The screening will be taking place on Saturday 9th December at Kala Sangam, St Peter’s House in Bradford.

The event is free and open to all ages. The 40 minute live screening will then be followed by a 20 minute Q and A session with the makers of “Your Story’,

A separate space for children and young people has been organised where the Allstar SEN team and youth workers will provide activities for children and young people in attendance during the screening.

Free tickets can be accessed here:

For more information please email

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