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Representing Bradford - Youth Music Opportunities

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The R-BFD project has lots of opportunities available to young people over the summer. A programme of one-to-one sessions is available throughout the summer holidays. The one-to-one sessions cover a broad range of music-making opportunities and can be tailored to young people's creative needs:

  • Music Production Sessions

  • Performance techniques

  • Music marketing and support

  • DJ workshops

  • Song and lyric writing

  • Instruments and singing

R-BFD Youth Music project is about providing the a range of music making opportunites to young people from across the Bradford and Craven district. We want to offer one to one sessions so young musicans can learn the creative skills they need.

Introduction sessions are available to young people who might want to try out music-making or DJing. Sessions are also available to those who are currently making music but would like to work with music industry professionals to take their skill set to the next level. All the sessions are free to young people and will be taking place at various locations across Bradford.

The one to one sessions give young people full creative control on what they want to cover. Our Youth Music project is about providing new opportunities and we're pleased we can contiune to offer this creative support to anyone interested in making music!

To receive more information about our One-to-One programme please contact

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