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Stich, Glitch and Mix

A recent DJ Technology session delivered by Bradford Sound Women and Allstars KNZ introduced participants to the basics of DJing, including using DJ controllers and mixing music.

The session began with an introduction to the different parts of a DJ controller. The participants learned about the mixer, the decks, and the effects section. They also learned about the different ways to control the music, such as using the jog wheels, the faders, and the knobs. After the introduction, the participants got hands-on experience with the DJ controllers.

The participants in the session said that they learned a lot and that they had a great time. They also said that the session was "a great way to introduce women to technology in a kind and patient way, who might be otherwise put off by it."

The session was a success thanks to the hard work of the instructors from Allstars KNZ. They created a supportive and encouraging environment where the participants could learn and grow. The session also benefited from the support of Bradford Sound Women, who helped to organize and promote the event.

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