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Every Mind: The track that celebrates Neurodiversity and Autism.

Updated: May 2, 2023

We worked in collaboration with West Yorkshire Partnership and the Healthy Minds Apprentices to write, record and release a new track and music video to coincide with Autism Acceptance Week. The track was written by Healthy Minds Apprentices Asher Titre and Lauren Southgate who wanted to share their own lived experience of autism and neurodivergence in the hope of spreading awareness across West Yorkshire.

“Being part of the Neurodiverse song and music video meant a lot to me because I was using my passion to spread a really important message.” - Lauren

The Healthy Minds Apprentices worked with the Allstar team to write, produce and record the original track. The end result is a music video and an infectious tune that raises awareness around neurodiversity and autism. The track received over 42 thousand views on Tick Tock and helped to spread an important message to young people across West Yorkshire.

"As a musician, it was really empowering to use my talent to advocate and raise awareness for voices that often go unheard within society. It was amazing and really eye-opening to take the lead on this project." - Asher

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